About Us

Aurora Novato was established by Carlo Scatena in 2007. Carlo moved from Italy to San Francisco in 1969.  His move to California was inspired by a song.

Carlo started his career in the restaurant industry at North Beach, first as a busboy, later became a waiter, then a restaurant owner. After a few years, Carlo opened his first restaurant in San Francisco- Marcello Restaurant. His success as Marcello’s restaurant owner helped him to expand and open other restaurants across the Bay Area. 

Carlo opened 7 restaurants during his career. Restaurants such as La Toscana, Luca, Cafe Italia, Cafe Arrivederci, Aurora Sausalito and Aurora Novato were created by Carlo. Carlo passed in 2019 and his wife, Aurora Scatena, has been leading the operations of Aurora Novato since then.

Our staff at Aurora Novato has been the same for years. The Sous Chef, Alberto González, has been running our kitchen since the restaurant opened in 2007.

As a family restaurant we are committed to bringing you the best of our Italian cuisine in an authentic environment so that you have a great experience. We have been doing it for 14 years and we appreciate the support we continue to receive from our community. Thank you!